Sermons 2016

Thursday, 01 January 2015 16:46
Written by Andy Pierce
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Sermons at St. Mark's in 2016

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PreacherDate/Story LinkYouTube Video
Mark Giroux 2016-12-24 N/A
Mark Giroux 2016-12-18 Baby Jesus, 1988
Mark Giroux 2016-12-11 That Pink Candle
Mark Giroux 2016-12-04 Style Points
Dorothy Pierce
2016-11-27 November Calf
Mark Giroux 2016-11-13 Are You Tired of This?
Mark Giroux 2016-10-30 Still Up a Tree
Mark Giroux 2016-10-23 The 2000-Year Old Joke That Still Works
Mark Giroux 2016-10-16 The Fellowship of the Bloody Knuckles
Mark Giroux 2016-10-09 A Ten Percenter
Mark Giroux 2016-10-02 Truly Moving Mountains
Dorothy Pierce
2016-09-25 Tree of Life
Mark Giroux 2016-09-18 Little Things... Big Things
Mark Giroux 2016-09-11 How Big?
Mark Giroux 2016-09-04 My Little Bro
Judy Kessler
2016-08-28 Video
Judy Kessler
2016-08-21 Video
Lisa Busby
2016-08-14 Run With Perseverance
Mark Giroux 2016-08-07 What, Me Worry?
Mark Giroux 2016-07-31 They Think I'm Nuts...
Mark Giroux 2016-07-24 Always Open
Mark Giroux 2016-07-17 Weird Gifts
Judy Kessler
2016-07-10 Video
Judy Kessler
2016-07-03 N/A
Bishop Adams
2016-06-26 A Sermon by Bishop Adams
Mark Giroux 2016-06-19 Casting Out Demons
Mark Giroux 2016-06-12 Stick Shift
Mark Giroux 2016-06-05 The Only Antidote
Mark Giroux 2016-05-29 Luke Skywalker?
Mark Giroux 2016-05-22 Thinking About Baptism (#3 of 3)
Mark Giroux 2016-05-15 Thinking About Baptism (#2 of 3)
Mark Giroux 2016-05-08 Thinking About Baptism (#1 of 3)
Lisa Busby
2016-05-01 Peace I Leave You
Mark Giroux 2016-04-24 Ten Commandments?
Mark Giroux 2016-04-17 Tabitha
Mark Giroux 2016-04-10 Quiet Miracles
Mark Giroux 2016-04-03 Jesus Laughing?
Mark Giroux 2016-03-27 Easter 2016
Mark Giroux 2016-03-13 Bittersweet
Mark Giroux 2016-03-06 Laetare!
Mark Giroux 2016-02-28 Of Moses and Hobbits
Mark Giroux 2016-02-21 Look, Listen, Learn
Mark Giroux 2016-02-14 A Sermon for a Very Cold Valentine's Day
Mark Giroux 2016-02-07 Here Comes Lent
Mark Giroux 2016-01-31 I Can't Go On; I'll Go On
Dorothy Pierce
2016-01-24 Tasting Mangoes
Mark Giroux 2016-01-17 Jesus Saves the Party
Mark Giroux 2016-01-10 So She Wanted a New Year Sermon
Mark Giroux 2016-01-03 Star Voyagers